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Our Anti-Discrimination Policy

At LGBTQ and ALL, we are committed to fostering an equitable workplace. We respect and value every one of our employees and ensure we have an intersectional approach to our hiring practices and talent search. Inclusion is imperative as part of our organization, and we provide competitive compensation, promotions, and benefits to all employees regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical ability, among others. Our employees and contractors are guaranteed equal opportunities during their employment with LGBTQ and ALL.

Our inclusive policy means that we take the time to ensure our employees feel a sense of safety and belonging.

Here is a copy of our Anti-Discrimination policy: Anti-Discrimination Policy.

How We Take Accountability

To promote intersectional practices and inclusion, we take many measures. Here is how we maintain accountability and cultural competency in the workplace: 

    • Mandatory sensitivity training for all employees and managers
    • Holiday events attendance is voluntary and nondenominational
    • Emergency childcare is available to those who require it
    • Continual employee surveys to gather information about attitudes around our inclusion practices
    • Formal leadership training to enhance cultural competency
    • Informal discussion meetings that talk about bias and equity issues
    • A flexible work environment for those with health problems or with family or religious commitments.
    • An impartial screening process for resumes
    • Intersectional panels for the interview process for prospective candidates
    • Recruitment outreach initiatives
    • Gender-neutral restrooms, more gender options on surveys, and including pronouns in our email signatures and website bios.
    • Our Inclusion Officer ensures that all employees feel safe, comfortable, and confident in their daily lives at work.

We invest time into our inclusion practices and ensure that we take accountability for any of our actions. Violence and abuse against LGBTQ+ individuals in the workplace and our community is something we take very seriously, and we implement solutions to protect marginalized communities.

Also, we are always taking steps to improve our workplace and make it a safe space for everyone. We actively listen to our employees and make sure that they are free from harassment, prejudice, or judgment. We take the time to hear any concerns from our employees and continually better solutions in our workplace. That way, we can ensure that everyone is treated equally and that no one is being discriminated against.

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