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Can’t Afford Rehab? Get Financing for Substance Abuse Treatment

Can’t Afford Rehab? Get Financing for Substance Abuse Treatment

Can’t Afford Rehab? Get Financing for Substance Abuse Treatment

Only about one in ten individuals receive treatment for substance abuse. Scaring, right? And one of the reasons why victims of alcohol and drug abuse don’t receive special treatment is because they can’t afford rehab.

If you feel like money is preventing you from accessing substance abuse treatment, this article has everything you need. Here we highlight loans and other financing options for rehab treatment.

Can’t Afford Rehab—How Much Does Substance Abuse Treatment Cost?

Many factors determine how much you’ll pay for your rehab treatment, including the type of program you seek and duration. To get a better idea of this, check the below scenarios:

  • Outpatient treatment attracts the lowest fees since there’s no housing and food.
  • Being hospitalized in a hospital (inpatient) will cost more than inpatient treatment in a residential hospital.
  • If you undergo partial hospitalization, you will have regular appointments at various hospitals, which means more transportation costs.

However, since substance abuse treatment is necessary for your well-being, cost should not be the only deciding factor when choosing your program. By considering your health insurance, loans like personal therapy loans, payday loans, subprime loans, etc., and other financing options, you can afford to pay for your rehab treatment without adding stress to your mental health.

Can You Use Insurance to Pay at a Treatment Center?

If you can’t afford rehab, the first thing to consider is whether your insurance can cover the associated costs (if you have one, of course). Once you talk to your insurance representative, you will understand what your health coverage includes (if any).

Here’s the best way to handle this process:

  • Call your treatment center to discuss all your treatment options.
  • Find a list of outpatient services for the best treatment (check LGBTQandAll for the best treatment centers where you can get help).
  • If you opt for an inpatient program, have your facility contact your insurance to discuss what they will cover.
  • Check your insurance policy to confirm your coverage limits.

In most cases, different health insurers will provide different coverage options for various services. Also, your coverage options might change, depending on who is offering treatment services, for example, a licensed clinical therapist vs. a counselor.

Loan Options for Substance Abuse Treatment

Lack of financing is one of the barriers to accessing healthcare treatment, whether therapy, substance abuse, or even gender confirmation care. Luckily, there are loan options specifically designed for rehab and psychological treatments.

If you have insurance coverage, start by contacting them to see what part of rehab treatment they will cover. Even if you don’t have insurance, don’t give up in your pursuit of better mental health. Remember, an untreated addiction will negatively impact your life and lead to significant costs over time.

Here are some loan options for those who can’t afford therapy treatment:

  • Payday loans: Due to their quick approval process, payday loans can provide immediate funds to cover initial treatment costs. However, be sure to check the interest rates they carry and repayment periods to avoid financial strain.
  • Personal loans: These loans offer a more flexible alternative, allowing individuals to borrow larger amounts with a longer repayment timeline. This can ease the financial burden associated with rehab treatment, providing a more sustainable solution for those in need.
  • Subprime loans: These are designed for individuals with less-than-perfect credit, especially those facing financial challenges due to substance abuse. However, these loans can attract higher interest rates, so consider that before committing yourself.
  • B lenders: These lenders provide loans to individuals with lower credit scores at more reasonable terms. Although they attract a higher interest rate, B lenders can be a viable option for those seeking rehab financing but with poor credit.

At LGBTQandAll, we are committed to providing resources to ensure a sustainable and responsible approach to covering the costs of substance abuse treatment.

Other Financing Options for Those Who Can’t Afford Rehab

Besides loans, here are other ways to help settle your addiction treatment:

Ask for Assistance from Family and Friends

Your circle of friends and family members can help finance your rehab treatment. However, don’t be surprised if they are not willing to give money directly as they may think you will use the money to further your addiction habits. In that case, connect them with your treatment center so they can make the payments directly.

Payments arrangements

Another option for those who can’t afford rehab is negotiating for a payment plan that will make your program more affordable. For example, some treatment centers can allow you to make installment payments as you continue with the treatment

Can’t Afford Rehab? Get Financial Support Today

There you have it. Failure to seek substance abuse treatment will lead to worse outcomes that will impact your general quality of life.

We don’t want this to happen to you. That’s why we provide financial resources to help those who can’t afford rehab and other forms of treatment, including therapy. In addition to these resources, we list highly reputable alcohol and drug abuse treatment centers that offer LGBTQ-friendly treatment according to your unique needs.

Don’t let a lack of finances come in your way of seeking substance abuse treatment. Check our resources today on how to get loans for mental health treatment.

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