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Companies That Are Helping Employees’ Mental Health

Employees' Mental Health

Companies That Are Helping Employees’ Mental Health

When a company can support and prioritize its employees’ mental health, it benefits the individual and the company. For example, it can reduce company costs and lead to a healthier workplace environment. The World Health Organization put it best: “workplaces that promote mental health and support people with mental disorders are more likely to reduce absenteeism, increase productivity and benefit from associated economic gains.”

There are certain companies out there right now that are leading the way when it comes to supporting their employees’ mental health and making the workplace more LGBTQ+ friendly. Here is a list of some of today’s leaders.

Top Companies Supporting Employees’ Mental Health


Google is one of the top companies for putting their employees’ well-being first. First, they are upfront about their employee benefits and keep coming up with ways to make their workplace as inclusive as possible. 

For example, Google offers a life insurance policy, a digital sleep improvement program, flexible working hours for the employees’ lifestyle, a medical opinion benefit (featuring psychiatrist services), peer support networking, and more. In addition, Google provides a Disability Alliance to assist people with disabilities.  

Google developed clinically validated screeners for mental health conditions to prioritize mental health even further. These include depression, PTSD, and anxiety, which are accessible to their employees. They also have a Recover Together feature that helps people cope with substance use issues. In addition, Google introduced mindfulness tools that help its employees cope with daily stressors. 

In 2022, Google also introduced the Resilience podcast and put together a team for building resilience in employees. Google provides a welcoming workplace by allowing pets at work, hybrid and remote work models, extended parental leave, and a medical advocacy program for transgender employees.

For our LGBTQ AND ALL audience, you’ll be pleased to know that Fast Company rated Google as the top employer for LGBTQ+ employees.

Coca Cola Consolidated

Coca-Cola Consolidated offers many benefits for their employees, including medical, prescriptions, dental, vision, telemedicine, a health savings account, and a flexible spending account. 

During Mental Health Awareness Month, they informed their employees about a program that gives employees and anyone in their household up to five free counseling sessions. 

They also have a chaplain available every hour of the day and a free app with on-demand clinical practices for anyone on the team coping with stress, anxiety, and depression. In addition, a behavioral health support hub contains resources for employees and their families to receive mental health care. 

Financial wellness is also vital to Coca-Cola Consolidated. They ensure that their employees have financial stability by providing life and supplemental insurance for their teammates’ spouses and children, short- and long-term disability initiatives, and voluntary benefits for life events. 

Bottling Investments Group at the Coca-Cola Company (BIG) also benefits the mental health of its employees. For example, they create a healthy company culture through an employee recognition program that positively impacts company culture and encourages social interaction and connections in the workplace.

In addition, Coca-Cola has a mission where women will represent 50% of the leadership roles by 2030.*


Squarespace offers employees benefits like premium medical, dental, and vision coverage, also available for their dependent children. In addition, the company provides up to 20 weeks of paid family leave, fertility and adoption options, gourmet lunches and snacks each day, and more.

They also offer a variety of well-being benefits, including free access to the mental health apps Headspace, Ginger, and Talkspace, 100% paid premium healthcare for their employees and dependents, virtual counseling via HealthJoy, and others. 

Employees can choose to work remotely, and Squarespace also celebrates cultural diversity. There is also a paid bereavement period for deaths in the family and subsidized backup care for employees’ dependents. 

Squarespace also acknowledges Mental Health Awareness Month by having employees place blocks on their calendars to make time for their mental well-being and self-care. 

Recently, Squarespace won Ragan Wellness’ Workplace Wellness Awards for Employee Benefits. 


Microsoft offers a specific company mental health program that benefits its employees called Microsoft Cares. This initiative provides in-person, digital, and telephone counseling to its employees. It also offers support groups and workshops for everyone that works there. 

Mental health issues are currently on the rise. To find out more, read our article Why Mental Health Issues are on the Rise.


Pinterest is implementing creative ways to focus on employee wellness. For example, the company created a Pinspiration group as an internal community in 2020 called “Pinside Out.” Essentially, this project hosts wellness-focused events and is a forum for employees to discuss any mental health issues they experience in the workplace.

In addition, Pinside Out has featured health professionals, experts, and external speakers who give presentations on varying mental health topics. For example, issues like surviving the holidays with difficult family members to understanding and implementing intersectional feminism. In addition, Pinterest employees have participated directly in this project by giving their time, experience, and knowledge to other people via virtual sessions. 

In Summary 

While there has been some progress in mental health initiatives in the workplace, there are still much more improvements that more companies can make. Many companies need to follow suit like the previously mentioned companies and create a positive culture that prioritizes and supports the mental well-being of its employees.

They also need to offer more benefits and incentives that significantly improve a person’s mental health and well-being. All in all, employee well-being is critical for a company culture to thrive, and offering employees a livable wage, mental health initiatives, benefits that improve a person’s well-being, and more, can go a long way.  

*Gendered language in research material. 

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