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Features of a Great Therapist Directory Profile: What Clients Look For

Features of a Great Therapist Directory Profile: What Clients Look For

Features of a Great Therapist Directory Profile: What Clients Look For

You already know the benefits of listing your practice in a therapist and psychologist directory. But do you know the features of a great therapist directory profile? This is what this article will look into.

Whether listing your practice for the first time or looking for ways to get the most out of your listings, you must look into your directory profile. Your profile is what potential clients see when they come across your listing. Depending on how you work on it, it can help attract ideal clients or bring no results. We don’t want the latter to be your story.

In the next few minutes, we shall highlight important features potential clients look for in a directory profile.

Features of a Great Therapist Directory Profile

Your directory profile is the face of your practice in online directories. Think of it as your marketing page that will determine what kind of clients you attract (if any). If you do it well, your directory profile can be a source of many ideal clients and become your go-to marketing strategy for your practice. However, if you get it wrong, it can be your nightmare and just another expense to your business.

Below are features of a great therapist directory profile that will make potential clients reach out to you:

Clients Want Your Profile to be Specific

Before you hit the publish button, ask yourself about what sets your profile apart from the rest. When clients are searching for a mental professional, they have a specific need they want solved.

If you want them to choose you, then your profile should speak to their specific needs. So, instead of saying you are a therapist with 5 years of experience, how about you say something more specific? For instance, you could say you help parents with dealing with rebellious kids or help people deal with work anxiety. If you deal with LGBTQIA+ issues among teens, add that to your profile.

These are just examples. The idea is to be as specific as possible so that you can appeal to the most ideal clients.

If you take the time to add your specific services to your profile, your listing won’t appear generic. This will help attract the right type of clients.

Professional Photo of Yourself

Clients want to connect with a real person. As such, ensure to include your professional headshot in your directory profile.

Your profile photo should make an excellent first impression and should make you approachable. Consider putting a warm smile on your face to make an appealing appearance. When clients are looking to connect with a mental professional, they want one who is kind, compassionate, and approachable. Ensure to tick all those qualities and all will be well.

A Great Therapist Directory Profile Should Have Clients in Mind

When clients come to your profile, your opening statement should show that you are client-oriented. In other words, your profile should address clients’ concerns and show that you care.

As much as you want to showcase your proof of expertise and years of experience, what clients want more at this stage is someone approachable. Talk about the issues that you can help solve and the type of clients you target.

For example, you can say something along the lines of “As a parent of an LGBTQ teen struggling with rejection, it can be daunting to get the best mental care for you and your kid, we are here for you”. This statement will show that you understand and care about the plight of LGBTQ teen and their parents and want to help.

This will not only give that group of people hope but will create a platform for them to reach out to you. We assure you that you cannot get this kind of results by talking about your certificates, degrees, and years of experience.

A clear and Logical Information Structure is a Great Feature of Therapist Directory Profile

Don’t make potential clients struggle to find information on your directory profile. If you do, they might leave your profile and go to your competitors.

When creating information on your profile, start with the most crucial information at the top. Remember, most directories will show only a few sentences of a clinical profile in the preview. Ensure that the vital information is at the top to increase the chances that potential clients will click through.

Your sentences should be compelling and clear about your service offering. We also recommend you avoid using a block of sentences as this makes it difficult for readers to read through.

Avoid using long sentences, create 3-4 sentence paragraphs, and add heading sections to make your information easier to navigate. Ideally, make it easier for potential clients to understand your message so they can reach out to you.


Another feature that clients look for in a great directory profile is customer testimonials. Testimonials are honest endorsements from clients that you have helped. So, instead of just saying you can help, show proof of your service with testimonials from past clients.

Testimonials help build credibility and trust which are crucial when growing an online business. But don’t share reviews from clients who have not permitted you as this will be an infringement on their privacy. If you can’t get permission from past clients, paraphrase the reviews you have received and display them on your profile.

Your Unique Approach and Techniques

Your therapist and psychologist directory is a perfect place to showcase your approaches and techniques to therapy. We suggest you use this place to show your uniqueness and be yourself.

Describe your therapeutic approach and the technique you use to attract your ideal clients. By showing who you are and your approaches in your profile, you will stand out from the rest and become more approachable.

Where to List Your Therapy and Psychology Practice?

Having seen these features of a great therapist directory profile, you may wonder where to list your practice. Look no further than the LGBTQandAll all therapists and psychologist directory. We enjoy robust online visibility that helps clinicians on our website become more visible to ideal clients.

In addition to listing your practice, we’ll help optimize it to ensure it has all the great features of a strong directory profile. Want to connect with more ideal clients, add your business to our directory today. 

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