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Mental Health in Boxing: Boxers Share Mental Health Struggles

Mental Health in Boxing: Boxers Share Mental Health Struggles

Mental Health in Boxing: Boxers Share Mental Health Struggles

Boxing has long been regarded as a sport with no place for the weak. However, it is now apparent that boxers, just like any person, suffer from stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental issues. This makes mental health in boxing a hot topic in the modern day that requires special attention.

But get us well. We are not saying that boxing is bad for mental health. Not at all. The point is that boxing as a sport should set up parameters to handle mental health issues for its athletes. In this post, we highlight the benefits of boxing to physical and psychological health and mental struggles that boxers face.

Mental Health in Boxing – Connection Between Boxing and Mental Health?

Like yoga, boxing can help reduce stress and improve mental health. Also, since it is an extreme physical activity, it offers many physical benefits.

For starters, boxing helps improve endurance, cardiovascular fitness, strength, balance, and hand-eye coordination. When it comes to mental health, it can help build concentration, confidence, and self-awareness, as well as relieve stress.

Let’s take a brief look at how boxing impacts mental health:

Mental Health in Boxing – Boxing can Help Improve Endorphin Production

Like any physical activity, boxing can help improve the production of endorphins—feel-good neurotransmitters. It works the same as the runners’ phenomenon of a “runners high” that helps reduce stress and anxiety.

Ideally, punching will help reduce muscle tension, which is associated with stress. The more a boxer punches, the more focus and concentration they have, which will keep their mind from their stressors.

Boxing Helps Boxers Switch Off from the Outside World

The concentration involved in boxing cannot allow a boxer to keep their mind on other things. Boxing requires 100 percent concentration and focus—leaving no room to think about other things that could cause stress. It offers an excellent way to avoid daily stress and gives a new perspective on dealing with problems.

Mental Health in Boxing – Boxing Can Be a Great Motivator

Boxing involves teamwork. Unlike regular workouts, where you rely on yourself for motivation, boxing has a coach and other trainees to motivate you to push your limits. This helps reduce loneliness and provides social support, which helps in your boxing workouts.

But Boxing Comes with a Lot of Pressure, Too

As you can see, boxing can help build resilience and confidence, and reduce stress and anxiety. However, despite these benefits, boxing comes with a lot of expectations and criticisms that can lead to stress and even depression.

Many renowned boxers have come out saying that they are battling mental issues or are on the verge of giving up.

Let’s look at a few of them:

Anthony Joshua

The higher you go, the cooler it becomes. This is true for athletes as well. The more successful an athlete becomes, the more they are criticized.

As a prominent boxer in the world, Anthony Joshua has faced a lot of criticism that is overwhelming to his mental health.

Joshua admits that he and other boxers undergo mental issues that weigh them down and impact their athletic performance. He says that he looks at how boxers before him, like Mike Tyson and others, dealt with mental issues when they were in the spotlight. He believes that he will enjoy life when all this is over.

Danny Garcia

Not just Jushua Anthony. Danny Gracia also admits to experiencing mental health struggles. Danny admitted his struggle with anxiety and depression after a win against Jose Benavidez in a return-to-ring match.

He says that the causes of his mental struggles were the pressures of life, boxing pressure, and the need to be a good dad. He admitted that he kept silent about his struggles for a year and a half, and the only chance he had to speak it out was through a win.

Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury has an excellent winning record in boxing. As a two-time heavyweight world champion, Fury is undoubtedly a person to watch in boxing.

But even with his wins, Fury battles mental health issues and addiction. In fact, Fury admits that mental health is the strongest battle he’s ever fought. Due to his struggles, he now uses his boxing influence to advocate for mental wellness—breaking mental health stigma and encouraging victims to seek help.

He says unlike a physical disability, mental health issues are not obvious, and people often suffer in silence. The person next to you may be suffering from stress, anxiety, or even depression, but you don’t know it.

He admits that he has considered suicide before after experiencing low energy, hopelessness, and anxiety. All these happened when he was experiencing the best wins in his boxing career but could not enjoy his achievements.

These are just a few boxers among many who battle mental health issues. Other boxers could be suffering in silence while the world thinks they are strong and immune to stress. This underscores the importance of mental health and the need to seek help when you experience anxiety or depression.

Mental Health in Boxing—The Need to Seek Help

As you can see, boxers and other prominent athletes experience mental issues. Although they are perceived as stronger human beings, they cannot fight stress, anxiety, or depression on their own.

That’s why connecting with a mental professional specializing in athletic mental health is the first step to achieving mental well-being.

LGBTQandAll is always at the forefront of ensuring boxers and other athletes access better mental care. Whether you are a boxer, football player, hockey player, or runner, you can get the best Sportson our online directory. We list reputable mental professionals who are compassionate and willing to offer you the help you need regardless of your gender or sexual orientation.

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