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Business Overview

Bledman Psychological Services, LLC provides individual, group, and couples therapy to a diverse population of clients. Therapist expertise includes diversity issues, mood disorders, adjustment disorders, sexual assault recovery, LGBTQIA+ concerns, and much more. Along with clinical work, therapists are involved in national organizations, teaching, and community service. Therapists in practice are available for consultation, workshops, and clinical supervision.

Telehealth is also available. Dr. Bledman is also licensed in MD and VA and is PsyPact certified.


Individual, couples & group therapy
Clinical supervision for therapists in training and are available for consultation with organizations and businesses.

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Dr Bledman

Dr Bledman

Dr Bledman

Dr. Bledman she/her I provide individual therapy to adults hoping to better understand themselves and their unique experiences. I use a collaborative approach to highlight strength and resilience while assisting in learning to manage depression, anxiety, body image dissatisfaction, racial trauma, and interpersonal relationship difficulties. I have training and expertise in working with women’s issues, religion/spirituality, racial/ethnic identity, sexual orientation identity development, gender identity, and people of color.
My clinical work is influenced by empirical research, and also by my experiences as a first-generation, Black/Caribbean-American woman. I have specialized expertise in working with sexual assault survivors and helping to navigate the healing process. As a multicultural therapist, I value creating a safe space for clients of marginalized communities.
Clients describe me as accepting, nonjudgmental, and understanding. I bring warmth, genuineness, empathy, and humor to my clinical interactions. I value empowerment and validation and aim to use a feminist and culturally aware approach that provides a safe environment to explore and understand emotions and patterns of behavior.

Tiffany Jerinsky, MS

Tiffany Jerinsky, MS

Tiffany Jerinsky, MS

Tiffany Jerinsky, MS (she/her)

I am a counselor with years of experience working with clients who have depression, anxiety, and eating disorders. I have specialized training in working with those who experience interpersonal violence and sexual assault/abuse. Furthermore, I am skilled at working with clients who are managing chronic illness, depression, anxiety, and other mood concerns.
When an individual survives a trauma or hardship it can be extremely difficult to cope and obtain fulfillment. Whatever the struggle is I believe in helping clients identify their strengths in order to overcome the obstacle. It is possible for all clients to discover their inner strength and learn to love and accept themselves.
I understand and acknowledge the significant impact identity has on life experiences. My clients range from college students to older adults. I strive to be multiculturally aware and enjoy working with diverse populations, including racial/ethnic minorities, religious minorities, and the LGBTQIA+ community.

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