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Educational Brains, LLC, Port Saint Lucie, FL

529 NW Prima Vista Blvd. Unit 301-L , Port St. Lucie , Florida , 34983 - Get Directions

Business Overview

Does your child have a learning disability and are looking for ways to help them discover their full learning potential? You have come to the right place. Educational Brains provides psychoeducational testing to discover learning disability and anxiety issues. In other words, Educational Brains is the key that helps unlock your or your kid’s learning potential.

About Educational Brains, LLC, Port Saint Lucie, FL

Educational Brains provides psychoeducational testing and counseling services that meet the needs of each child. Whether a kid, an adolescent, or a college student, Educational Brains provides a personalized assessment that matches the learning abilities of each child.

These psychologists provide various psychological disorders, including:

  • Specific Learning Disabilities like dyslexia, nonverbal learning disorders, dysgraphia, attention difficulties, etc.
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Emotional Difficulties like anxiety and depression
  • Intellectual Impairment

The professionals take time to understand your situation and use the findings to provide unique insights and plans for success. They also advise parents and tutors on the best way to handle the students based on the evaluation results.


Educational Brains applies one of these approaches in psychoeducational testing and therapy:

  • Psychoeducational evaluation: This approach aims to evaluate individual needs to determine the root cause of the problem and use the findings to find the best solution.
  • Individual counseling: Psychologists offer counseling services aimed at helping students overcome cognitive, emotional, and behavioral challenges.
  • Group therapy: This approach aims to provide an inclusive and supportive environment for members to share their experiences and share knowledge.

Unlock Your Learning Potential

Educational Brains is a great psychological service that offers personalized services for each student. From intellectual impairment to autism spectrum disorder to attention difficulties to specific learning disabilities, they are your go-to professionals for psychoeducational testing and evaluation.

Their counseling services focus on identifying individual’s strengths and weaknesses and helping them overcome cognitive emotional, and behavioral challenges. These interventions help students overcome their challenges early enough for better social, emotional, and academic performance.



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    Grisette SmithVerified Business

    I am so grateful for Ms. Lisa! She took the time to explain the whole testing process and was amazing with my son. If it was not for her, we would be in the same situation as last year!!! Thank you!

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