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Harmony Ridge Recovery Center, Walker, West Virginia

47 Chambers Cir Rd , Walker , WV , 26180 - Get Directions

Business Overview

Harmony Ridge Recovery Offers Addiction Treatment

Harmony Ridge Recovery Center was founded in 2018 to be a haven for those battling addictions and those seeking drug and alcohol rehab in West Virginia. It has become exactly that. The founders recognized the need for client-specific evidence-based treatment programs from the beginning.

The center aims to make these programs available to anyone looking for drug or alcohol rehab in West Virginia, where the opioid crisis is prevalent. The goal is to see successful results and outcomes when providing substance abuse treatment. The founders believe that people suffering from addiction in the Mid-Ohio Valley and West Virginia communities should have access to the best drug and alcohol treatment centers like Harmony Ridge Recovery Center.

Harmony Ridge Recovery Center: Treatments


With the supervision of experienced drug and alcohol WV rehab professionals, detox your body of all toxic and addictive substances.

Residential treatment

Harmony Ridge Recovery in West Virginia offers structured programs that help overcome triggers following detox.

Partial hospitalization

Experience the same intensity and structure of their residential drug and alcohol rehab treatment in West Virginia but with more freedom for activities in a home-like environment.

Harmony Ridge Recovery: Approach

There was no standard of care for patients in Walker, West Virginia – so they created one. Their unique approach to addiction treatment starts with the belief that recovery is about the patient. In addition, they meticulously select their staff and rigorously train them to deliver a safe and compassionate environment for the well-being of every patient. 

Using different evidence-based practices, they provide a comprehensive, holistic approach to treatment. There is much to consider when choosing the right substance abuse treatment center. The team at the facility offers industry-leading treatment plans customized to the needs of each patient.

Harmony Ridge Recovery Center: Facility

The center has a full cafeteria, adventure therapy, basketball courts, a fitness room, and many other activities. They offer these activities at their West Virginia treatment center, nestled in the comfort of Mountwood Park.


Payment Options

  • Master Card
  • American Express
  • Discover Card

Supports Insurance

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Humana
  • Tricare

FMLA Insurance, PEIA Insurance

Service Portfolio

Language(s) Spoken

  • English
  • Spanish

Mental Health Professionals

Customer Reviews

Kaitlyn BalisVerified Business

This was my first stay at harmony ridge and I can say I am more than impressed with my stay. All the staff are always willing to help in any situation and are always kind and caring. The food is amazing, the cabins are clean and well accommodated for anyone. The classes they offer helped me learn so much about addiction, how to cope and I learned so much about myself. I would recommend harmony ridge recovery center for anyone who needed help. They will love you until you can learn to love yourself and even after leaving the staff is wonderful about checking up on you and making sure you have whatever you need. One day at a time. I will forever be grateful for harmony ridge

Crystal WiltVerified Business

I want to give thanks to Harmony Ridge Recovery Center and all the staff for being a part in saving my life and my recovery. This was first experience will be my last. I am forever grateful for that place and all the staff because they helped me get my life back for myself and my children. I love you all.

Matthew ComptonVerified Business

Harmony Ridge Recovery Center is one of the best Detox/ Residential Treatment facilities I’ve ever been through. From the beginning to the end of my stay with them the treatment staff were very supportive and very helpful! The food is great and they go above and beyond to make sure all dietary needs are met, I absolutely recommend HRRC to everyone looking to drop the drink or drug and pick up tremendous amounts of knowledge on the addiction we face as addicts. The groups are lead by amazing staff who have been working hard on their own recovery and understand what it’s like being in treatment themselves. This facility has helped me become more comfortable with who I am and how I want to live my life sober. Thank you!

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