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Illinois Autism Center, ABA Therapy Center in Chicago

1660 N La Salle Dr. Unit C007 , Chicago , IL , 60614 - Get Directions

Business Overview

Illinois Autism Center is at the forefront of pioneering child-centered care for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in Chicago. Our center provides a secure and inviting space for children to explore, develop, and express their true selves without fear or worry of judgment.

Our rudimentary belief is that every child is a unique individual, and no single approach can meet the needs of all. We honor and celebrate these individual differences and firmly believe that effective treatment arises from recognizing and working with these distinctions in developing a comprehensive and customized treatment plan for each child enrolled in our program.

Illinois Autism Center Services

Experienced RBTs and BCBAs at Illinois Autism Center provide customized and consistent learning sessions according to each child’s goals. These sessions are aimed at preparing our clients for school, playdates, and other societal events.

Our clinicians don’t force the children to work for extended periods but rather give them the opportunity to express themselves (verbally or nonverbally).

ABA services include:

  • Early Intervention: Offer ABA therapy services to children as early as 18 months to build communication, socialization, and other crucial abilities necessary in daily life.
  • Clinic-based ABA Therapy: Individual sessions at the center to promote a child’s goals.
  • Family Guidance: Involve training families and providing support on therapy procedures.
  • Group Sessions: Teaching activities in small groups to prepare children for societal events.

Our Chicago ABA Therapy Team

Arvind Ramakrishnan, BCBA, leads the Illinois Autism Center team in Chicago. He will finish his Ph.D. in Behavior Analysis in 2024. With many years of experience in the ABA sector, Ramakrishnan has held many distinct roles, from RBT to Director. Areas of expertise include communication and social skills development and behavior change.

Ramakrishnan works alongside a distinguished support team that includes:

  • Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs): Help evaluate clients’ needs and design customized treatment programs.
  • Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs): Help with delivering ABA services under the supervision of BCBA professionals.
  • Administrative staff: Help clients navigate insurance and funding sources.

Illinois Autism Center’s comprehensive approach makes it possible to approach each client’s needs effectively and develop a successful treatment plan.

Payment Options

  • Master Card
  • Discover Card

Supports Insurance

  • Aetna
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Cigna Health

Service Portfolio

Language(s) Spoken

  • English

Mental Health Professionals

Customer Reviews

Elana SickmanVerified Business

I feel lucky to know the clinical director, Arvind Ramakrishnan, both professionally and within higher academia. He is a reliable and thoughtful person who provides quality services to the clients he supports. He continues to strive towards making the field of behavior analysis better for everyone involved & I am excited to see his next journey as Clinical Director of Illinois Autism Center!

Adriana De la TorreVerified Business

I had the pleasure of working with the Clinic Director, Arvind Ramakrishnan, in discussing the direction we want the field of ABA to go. His views on client-led therapy with a focus on creating an environment that is respectful, meaningful, and therapeutic for his clients make me hopeful for the future of ABA therapy and autism health care. In developing Illinois Center for Autism, the wellbeing of clients and staff was Arvind’s number one priority. I look forward to seeing the work that this center accomplishes!

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