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Inner Odyssey Counseling, Virtual & In-Person Sessions in Richmond, VA

10431 Patterson Ave , Richmond , VA , 23238 - Get Directions

Business Overview

Welcome to Inner Odyssey Counseling in Richmond, VA 

Inner Odyssey Counseling offers Virtual and In-Person sessions in Richmond, VA. The service caters to individuals and those in relationships dealing with various needs, including sex/intimacy, sexual identity, LGBTQIA+, trauma, anxiety, depression, burnout, and stress management. Inner Odyssey counseling service provides a 15-minute free consultation to get to know their clients better.

About the Founder Jerry L. Mize, MA, MEd, Resident in Counseling, NCC

Jerry (he/him/his) is a resident counselor in Richmond. As a Resident and a National Certified Counselor, Jerry works under the supervision of Dr. LoriAnn Stretch

Here are his academic qualifications:

  • Associate in Science (AS) from Richard Bland College of William & Mary (2014)
  • Bachelor of Science (BS) in Psychology from Virginia Commonwealth University (2016)
  • Master’s degree in Applied Development Psychology from George Mason University
  • Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counselling from The College of William & Mary

As a committed counselor, Jerry helps people in their journey to self-discovery and introspective reflection. In other words, Inner Odyssey Counseling acts as a compass to guide people through the intricate pathways of life.

Inner Odyssey Counseling Specializations

The journey to self-discovery and acceptance has unique experiences for each individual. From anxiety, trauma, depression, and other mental experiences, this counseling service aims to create a safe space where you can voice your concerns and get the necessary help.

Jerry serves a wide range of people, including adults, couples, and members of the LGBTQIA+ community. Areas of focus include:

  • Sex and Intimacy: People who need sexual clarity on their sexual orientation and intimacy can get the help they need from Inner Odyssey Counseling.
  • Anxiety and Panic: Providing counseling and strategies to overcome panic and overthinking.
  • Trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress: Your past shapes your present and future. Inner Odyssey offers strategies to help overcome echoes of the past to realize healing and pave the way to a brighter and more fruitful future.
  • Sexual Identity and LGBTQIA+: Sexual identity is one of the hottest issues today. Inner Odyssey offers guidance and support for people exploring or affirming their identities.

Schedule a consultation today to start your journey to self-discovery and mental wellness.


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