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Newport Beach Athletic Club, California

1367 Avocado Ave, Newport Beach, CA 92660, United States , Newport Beach , California , 92660 - Get Directions

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In 1948, John Bazacas started in the physical fitness industry in Los Angeles, California. In 1961, he moved to Newport Beach, where he opened the family gym in 1971 and called it the Newport Beach Athletic Club. Forty three years later, the Bazacas and the Burnham families still own and operate NBAC. Over the years, the NBAC has gone through several renovations. The key has been to always keep in step with the fitness industry and, most importantly, provide outstanding service in a clean and healthy family environment in California.

With a plethora of gyms to choose from in OC, Newport Beach Athletic Club (NBAC) stands out because of its high-class amenities, reasonable prices, laid-back atmosphere, and unique traditions developed since its 1971 opening. Unlike many other gyms in California, NBAC won’t lock you into long-term memberships. We only do month-to-month and offer reasonable prices. Everything is clean, simple, no-nonsense, and practical yet classy. The gym features separate training facilities designed specifically for men and women

We also offer a steam room, sauna, cold pool, ping pong tables, racquetball court, basketball court, wallyball, boxing room, and more! Our management team is also keen to ensure that all our amenities are clean and in good condition. 

All the amenities don’t take away from the fact that getting in shape and staying that way is still the club’s biggest focus: This is a gym, people, not a day spa. Our goal is to ensure California people are in great shape both physically and mentally through high-quality workout activities. 

Please explore our Newport Beach Athletic Club website to see our offers.

NBAC was chosen by the Los Angeles Times as a favorite Health and Fitness Club by OC readers; below is our award.

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Customer Reviews

Kevin SamuelsVerified Business

Great gym to to enjoy and the locker room facilities are amazing compared to most. Thank you to Tom and the team for providing a great gym atmosphere and helping work through any member difficulties.

Danell BooherVerified Business

Great gym. Friendly staff and members, small business/boutique gym feel. Clean. All the equipment you need no matter how you like to work out. I personal enjoy Olympic lifting and circuit training and they have bumper plates, kettle bells, etc. Never too crowded either, which is a huge plus in this populous area.

Scott FracalosyVerified Business

Tom, the club, and all the staff are incredible. Very accommodating, very friendly, very helpful. I highly recommend this club for great weight workouts, racketball, basketball, and much more. Nice locker rooms and bathrooms, Jacuzzis, hot and cold, they got it all. You the man TOM. Thank you!!

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