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Swayze Hypnosis & Integrative Wellness for Self-Sabotaging Relief

63 Federal St , Portland , ME , 04101 - Get Directions

Business Overview

Swayze Hypnosis & Integrative Wellness: Get relief from patterns that hold you back

At Swayze Hypnosis, we help self-motivated individuals find confidence and relief from the negative patterns, behaviors, and blocks holding them back from feeling calm, confident, and at ease.

Our goal is to ensure that our clients get the best possible and effective care. To achieve this, we limit our services to key areas that impact our clients. These are our areas of focus:

  • Hypnosis for the anxious
  • Hypnosis for behavior change
  • Hypnosis for pain management
  • Hypnosis and divorce mindset coaching
  • Hypnosis for high achievers
  • Hypnosis for weight management

Our goal is to help our client discover their hidden power and live to their full potential. We help our clients release their trapped emotions and reinforce positive goals and habits.

Swayze Hypnosis & Integrative Wellness—Our Approach

At Swayze Hypnosis, we are transparent in how we help our clients. Here’s what our process involves:

  • Release: We use conversational modalities to release limiting beliefs, subconscious patterns, fears, and habits that prevent you from living your full potential and achieving your goals. The emotional charge behind these limiting beliefs can sabotage your life, leading to desperation and mental health issues.
  • Reinforce: After the release, you will undergo hypnotherapy sessions to instill the desired changes at the subconscious level. The goal at this point is to ensure the changes stick at the deepest level.
  • Relief: Next is to develop feelings of calmness, healing, safety, confidence, and strength that will help you in your everyday life.
  • Results: We don’t aim for short-term results. We provide home exercise programs, wellness coaching, and MP3s to help you achieve long-term success.

While our services can help transform your life, we do not diagnose, treat, or prevent diseases. Swayze Hypnosis & Integrative Wellness offers complimentary support in the areas of vocational and avocational improvement, including improving sleep, reducing stress, and creating healthy habits using hypnotherapy and integrated wellness coaching.

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