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“Finding a therapist in NYC is stressful, especially finding one that can truly help you. I’ve been working with my therapist for about a year now and she’s honestly amazing. I’ve made leaps and bounds just working with her for this short amount of time. I am given concrete tools on how to move forward with my problems in every session and it’s so nice to have someone holding me accountable to apply those tools in real life. I have to say that while it’s not my first rodeo in therapy, it’s definitely the first time I’ve experienced tangible results with a therapist who really gets me – Kris Chen

“Dr. Tse created a safe space when other therapists couldn’t. She listens, understands and walks me through difficult times of my life. For the longest time, I felt lost about my identity but Dr. Tse did (and continues to do) a wonderful job helping me navigate through my experiences. She promotes inclusivity and helps me feel empowered – N J

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As someone working in New York, you know how to dream big, set goals, and achieve them; you know how others measure success and you know how to work your way through that system to move up the ladder. Yet somehow, something still feels off. You continue to accomplish the next milestone, assuming that will be the one that brings fulfillment, but fulfillment never comes. 

The truth is, fulfillment never comes because you’re constantly moving goal posts and coming up with new ways to prove your worth. Instead of taking breaks and celebrating your wins, you push yourself even harder. You believe contentment breeds averageness so you wind up suspended in a cycle of hustle and bustle, drowning in your own ambition. Although you continue to achieve your goals, the self-imposed pressure to continuously perform is starting to weigh on you. 

At Uncover Mental Health Counseling in NYC, we want you to know it doesn’t have to be that way. We help high achievers who struggle with perpetual dissatisfaction cultivate fulfilling lives – without being more, having more, or doing more. We believe that these struggles often trace back to early childhood development and outdated social systems that you have subconsciously internalized.

Our mission is to help high achievers uncover a life of ease and joy, without sacrificing their ambition. We know that this is not easy (if it were, everyone would be doing it). It requires digging deep into your past, uncovering the impact it has had on you, learning another way of being, integrating these new lessons in real-time, and having the right guides to help you safely navigate through it all. If you’re ready to take the next step, we have the best therapists in New York to support you.

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Hi, I’m Kristie! As a first generation Asian American, I was born with immigrant parents who enforced a culture of silence when it came to mental health challenges in order to “make it” in the US. The unspoken assumption was that emotional breakdowns were a luxury reserved for privileged folx and “keeping it together” was our only ticket to success. Being raised in New York and positioned as the “model minority” race reinforced the idea that swallowing our pain, putting our heads down, and working hard to achieve our goals was the norm. At an earlier age, I believed I had to hustle harder than everyone else to get what I wanted whether it was my career success, fulfilling relationships, or mental wellbeing. Over time, I was able to recognize that my beliefs were deeply rooted and finally learned strategies to cultivate a life of ease without sacrificing my ambition.

Theresa Linson, LMHC

Theresa Linson, LMHC

Theresa Linson, LMHC

Hi, I’m Theresa! As a bisexual, genderqueer female born into a Catholic family, you can probably imagine how confused I was growing up. As a teenager, I desperately wanted to fit in and feared that if I was fully myself around my friends and family I would be rejected, so I learned to hide parts of who I was in order to feel safe. I kept my thoughts to myself and held back from engaging in activities I was drawn to because I was afraid of being “found out” or criticized. Over time, this spilled over into my career: I learned to be agreeable, power through, and overcommit myself just to get along — and it didn’t help that the journey to becoming a therapist very much emphasized abandoning my own needs and steering away from personal disclosure in order to be a “blank slate” for my clients.




Hi, I’m Alvina! Growing up as a Canadian-Guyanese woman, my family and I didn’t really talk about mental health. The unspoken assumption was that we had bigger problems to deal with — forget talking about emotions! But the thing was, I did have emotions — big emotions. As the youngest female in my Hindu family, I was discouraged from dreaming of a life independent from my parents, but I craved independence. I felt inferior and frustrated as I watched men in my community get the opportunities I wanted for myself. And when my family didn’t support some of my aspirations, I felt disappointed and shied away from sharing my dreams with anyone altogether. Because of this, I felt a growing sense of anxiety trying to figure things out on my own as a teenager and young adult.

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