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10 Easy Meal Prep Ideas for Busy Queer Professionals

10 Easy Meal Prep Ideas for Busy Queer Professionals

10 Easy Meal Prep Ideas for Busy Queer Professionals

Queer professionals who are busy a lot may not have time for prepping meals. Or so they think. The good news is that this guide can make it easier for them. We’ll go over 10 easy meal prep ideas that you can follow. 

Some of them may be great for those who want something delicious and on-the-go. If you are on a dietary restriction that is vegetarian or vegan – no worries. We’ll provide you with some alternative ingredients for some of these dishes (where applicable). 

Let’s get started.

1. Mason Jar Salads

This features layering salad ingredients inside a mason jar. Pile on the greens like spinach or kale. Then follow it up with a protein option like chicken or ham. If you are looking for something vegan-friendly, chickpeas and tofu can be awesome options. Either way, it’s a win-win if you want to eat healthy while keeping busy.

You can also choose healthy options via Factor 75 fitness-focused meals in Los Angeles City. Especially if you’re unsure of any other ideas that fit your healthy diet.

2. Quinoa bowls

If you have a little bit of downtime, cook a large amount of quinoa – particularly at the beginning of the week. It can be a base for all kinds of bowls mixed with veggies, beans, and your favorite dressing. It can also be one of the best vegan options for those that adhere to the lifestyle

3. Stir-fry freezer packs

These feature chopped stir-fry ingredients. Whether it’s broccoli, peppers, tofu, and shrimp mixed together – you can enjoy these freezer packs that you can throw into a pan and cook quickly. Just make sure these ingredients are placed in bags and stored in the freezer.

4. Overnight oats

When it comes to breakfast, why not prepare it the night before (hence the name)? Use rolled oats and mix it with your choice of milk, yogurt, and toppings. Place them in containers or jars and let them sit in the fridge overnight. If milk is out of the question – vegan options include almond or soy milk.

After a healthy breakfast, you can take a few minutes to meditate and tackle the day. Even if you are busy, mindfulness beats stress any day of the week. 

5. Soup and stew Sundays

You might have downtime on Sundays. If that’s the case, make a big batch of your favorite soup or stew. This way, you’ll have an excellent go-to choice throughout the week whenever the days get busy. All you need to do is throw it in the microwave and you’re good to go.

6. Sheet pan dinners

This requires little prep and cleanup. You can add your choice of protein like chicken, salmon, or tofu. Then mix it with veggies and seasonings. Roast everything in the oven and it will be delicious with every bit.

7. DIY frozen burritos

Fill the tortillas with rice, beans, cheese, salsa, and other toppings. Then wrap them up in foil and put them in the freezer. When you need to eat on the go, unwrap and microwave them.

8. DIY snack boxes

Mix it up with your choice of nuts, seeds, dried fruits, cheese cubes, and more. Prepare several in advance. Before you head out the door, you can grab one of these and eat them to hold you over.

9. Smoothie packs

Mixing fruits, greens, yogurt, and protein powder will create the perfect smoothie packs. Prep these ahead of time so you can make a quick one in the morning or any time. You can dump the contents into the blender, mix it with your favorite liquid of choice, blend until smooth, and enjoy.

10. Pasta salad varieties

This involves cooking a large pot of pasta. Mix it with veggies and your favorite choices of protein and dressings. Divide into individual containers so you can have an easy lunch or dinner.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for quick meals, these ten options are excellent. Queer professionals that are busy with meetings, deadlines, and just doing business can enjoy these dishes. Some of them may need time to prep – but it will be worth the effort putting it all together.

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