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Business Overview:

Therapy is an incredibly individual journey: one that you don’t want to embark on with just anyone. Clients come to me looking for someone who isn’t cold and clinical but instead creates a space where they feel safe opening up about some of the most raw parts of their lives. As an anxiety and trauma therapist, it is my mission to support every client with compassion, understanding, and respect.

Our work together will always begin with getting to know you and establishing your goals for therapy: they will guide everything we do. From there, we will identify, navigate, and confront the emotions and challenges you are experiencing. Whether you’re finding yourself more angry than you’ve ever been, overwhelmed by panic and anxiety, or constantly worried about the future, we’ll break these things down in order to understand not just how to change them, but why they’re happening in the first place. This gives you the insight you need to truly heal.

From there, we’ll work on practical skill-building so that you are armed with the tools you need to conquer the future with peace, clarity, and confidence.

In addition to the emotions that you are feeling, I know you may also carry the burdens of very real experiences that are impacting your life. As an EMDR-trained anxiety and trauma therapist, I can help you reprocess these memories in a constructive and healthy way.


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