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Red Stone Counseling, LLC, Broomfield, CO

80 Garden Center , Broomfield , Colorado , 80020 - Get Directions


Business Overview

Red Stone Counseling, LLC
Broomfield, Colorado, United States

Leah Landis, LCSW

I will listen to each client’s specific needs and tailor the therapeutic process to provide the most beneficial, effective, and enjoyable experience possible. I offer a wide array of interventions to explore and move towards personal growth a better quality of life around health and wellness. I admire my clients and see them as equals. So, naturally, I also speak with patients as capable equals.

Caleb Howald, LCSW

I’m Caleb, and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker practicing in the field for the last eight years. I am from Illinois, and I moved to Western Colorado in 2014. I obtained my Master of Social Work from the University of Denver. If I am not doing therapy with folks, I am hiking the trails, kayaking, snowboarding, playing with my dogs, and finding a new Frisbee golf course.

I strive with a person-centered approach to first listen to the needs and goals, striving to meet each individual exactly where they are in life. I focus on authenticity and a therapeutic alliance and base work together on unconditional positive regard.


Years in Practice: 11 Years
License: Colorado / CSW.09923936
School: University of Denver & Southern Illinois University of Carbondale, IL
Year Graduated: 2011

Additional Credentials:

License No. and State: CSW.099926591 Colorado DORA

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