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What Does it Mean to be Biromantic?


What Does it Mean to be Biromantic?

A biromantic individual is romantically attracted by more than one gender. It simply means they can hold hands, kiss, and cuddle but not have sex with them. Sexual and romantic intentions differ, meaning you can be biromantic and asexual.

But “bi” means two!

Of course, ‘bi’ means two, but since we no longer have two genders, the prefix can describe more than two genders. You can participate more on this topic by joining our online community forum. 

Difference Between Biromantic, Bisexual, Aromantic, Demiromantic, and Asexual

Although ‘biromantic’ and ‘demiromantic’ refer to individuals’ romantic orientations, they are entirely different. A demiromantic person generates romantic feelings after having a strong bond with someone.

A biromantic person is romantically attracted to individuals from more than one gender group. But remember, sexuality comes in a wide range. Therefore, a biromantic person can also be demiromantic.

The term ‘bisexual’ has an aspect of sex in it. It refers to someone’s sexuality. On the other hand, ‘biromantic’ is about an individual’s ability to have romantic emotions. An individual who is attracted to more than one gender and simultaneously can generate romantic feelings towards people from different genders is both bisexual and biromantic.

Asexuality refers to a lack or low interest in sexual desires toward other people. Most biromantic individuals identify as asexual, meaning they can have romantic connections with people without wanting to sleep with them.

Biromantic and ‘aromantic’ are two different things. Aromantic people do not have any romantic connections with other people.

How is Biromantic Different from Panromantic?

Panromantic means that one is romantically attracted to people from all gender groups, whereas biromantic means being romantically attracted to persons of various gender groups.

Biromantic is limited to two or three gender groups, while panromantic is about all gender groups.

Some people identify as both panromantic and biromantic. Others prefer the former label over panromantic as they are not romantically attracted to all gender spectrum.

Supposing someone is only attracted to men and non-binary persons and not women. They are well described by the term biromantic, not panromantic.

How Does Biromantic Look Like in Practice?

Being biromantic isn’t all the same for all people. You could be:

  • Romantically attracted to men and non-binary individuals but not women
  • Women and non-binary persons attract you romantically but not men
  • Men and women attract you romantically but not non-binary people
  • Romantically attracted to people of all gender groups

If you are biromantic:

  • Gender isn’t an issue for you when choosing someone to date
  • You fantasize about having a future romantic partner regardless of their gender
  • You desire to have romantic relationships with people of different gender groups

Remember, everyone is unique, and your uniqueness can manifest in any aspect of your life, including your identity. Meaning you can have unique features of being biromantic that are not stated above.

How Does Romantic Coexist with Your Sexual Orientation?

As earlier said, you can be both biromantic and bisexual. Meaning you are romantically and sexually attracted to people of various gender groups. However, some biromantic individuals have sexual orientations that differ from their romantic intentions. This is known as “mixed orientations.”

In short, mixed orientation means you are sexually attracted to one gender group and romantically attracted to another.

The following are some examples of individuals with mixed orientations:

  • A biromantic heterosexual woman is romantically attracted to individuals of different genders but is only sexually attracted to men
  • A biromantic gay man is attracted to various gender groups romantically but can be only sexually attracted to men
  • A biromantic asexual being is attracted to people of different gender groups but barely has sexual attraction
  • A biromantic lesbian is romantically attracted to individuals of different gender groups but is only sexually attracted to women
  • A biromantic pansexual individual is romantically attracted to persons of different genders but is sexually attracted to people of all genders.

These are but a few examples. You can describe yourself in other ways, and it is acceptable.

How to Come Out 

After figuring out who you are, you may find it necessary coming out to your loved ones and break the news. Coming out is always a process. Therefore you should do it procedurally. Some of the best ways to come out as a biromantic include:

  • Gather important people in your life and break the news in person
  • Make a social media post elaborating on your romantic orientation
  • Open up first to people who you feel won’t judge you
  • Have someone talk on your behalf if you are scared
  • Explain what it means to be biromantic to your loved ones

Remember, this is news to everyone except you. Therefore, you shouldn’t expect much on the same day. Different people have different ways of accepting news; some can accept it immediately, while others take time to digest the news.

Give them time for the news to sink; they will come around at the right time. If some can never come to terms with your romantic orientation, appreciate that some did and move on. It’s about you and not anyone else.

If you can’t break the news in person, consider a phone call or a text message. After a while, you can show up and explain everything. Remember, informing your loved ones before going public is advisable.

How to Support Someone Who Has Come Out to You

First, you should understand that they have confidence in you to share the news. You should also know that they trust you. The best thing to do is understand and be there for them every step of the way to discover who they are. 

As someone they trust, it’s important to have your understanding and support. You can express your feelings and tell them how you feel through words and actions. 

For example, choose a gift that belongs to them, such as lanyards or pins. You also have the option to customize them so you can better express how unique they are to you. 

You can also have a rainbow flag pattern made into custom belt buckles to give them as a special gift. They will definitely feel warm.

You should also educate yourself and use the information to support and not judge them. Don’t force them to come out to everyone if they are unready. Offer them the support they need to accept themselves and live better. 

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