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What Workaholism Reveals about Mental Health

What Workaholism Reveals about Mental Health

What Workaholism Reveals about Mental Health

Working hard, even to the detriment of your interests, is often considered a positive quality. However, few people realize it can be a real problem, affecting health and increasing tension in relationships with loved ones. This article will explore the concept of workaholism and what you can do to avoid becoming a workaholic.

What are some signs of workaholism?

Today, few specialists can identify work addiction. However, there are signs to identify a real workaholic. The main ones include:

  • You have a tolerant attitude to work duties, which are becoming increasingly frequent.
  • You have a feeling of ” breaking down” during vacations and experience absences from work due to incapacity for work, which causes irritability or even aggression.
  • It is psychologically challenging to separate from work, even in your free time.
  • When working hours increase, your productivity remains the same.
  • You consider your work a way to increase your self-esteem and suppress inner anxieties or depression.
  • Your work negatively affects other areas of your life (family concerns, health, grooming, hobbies and so on)
  • You experience health problems due to working conditions
  • You regularly have conflicts with close people due to overload at work
  • Any failures at work are perceived as catastrophes in your life

As a rule, workaholism almost always involves people obsessing about work. This obsession can lead to burnout, anxiety, and depression. It is essential to recognize when workaholism is harming your life and find healthy ways to cope with it.

Why do people become workaholics?

Workaholism is caused by the inability to live with your emotions (resentment, insecurity, fear, jealousy, and others). Working overtime, a person wants great success, not realizing that it affects their state, not only physically but mentally. Try to make up your own “balance wheel,” and you can identify your weaknesses. For example, suppose you experience a lot of stress and anxiety. In that case, you might benefit from scheduling regular breaks throughout the day or engaging in calming activities such as yoga or meditation.

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How not to become a workaholic

Taking care of your health is not only about eating right and staying physically fit. Mental health is just as significant. It is recommended to follow simple recommendations to prevent your work from becoming a cause of mental health issues. Here are some suggestions to avoid becoming a workaholic:

  • Learn to say “no” firmly when you leave for the weekend or on vacation.
  • Turn off your work email.
  • If you work from home, stick to a set schedule, plan personal activities in your free time.
  • Do not cancel your holiday for another demand at work. A change of scenery will relieve problems.
  • Devote time to your favorite hobby or communicate with loved ones.


Working hard is vital to achieve success, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of your health and well-being. Taking breaks from work and devoting time to activities that bring joy and fulfillment is important. Don’t let workaholism take over your life.

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