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❤️ Meet LGBTQ and ALL ambassadors lesbian travel couple Briyanna & Chantell. The couple share mental health experiences and the struggles, and ways of copping ❤️


Name Briyanna & Chantell

Community Lesbian

Location Atlanta, GA

Pronouns she/her

Let's Contact

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Helloooooooo cousins! It’s Briyanna and Chantell here!

We are a lesbian couple from Atlanta, Ga with a love for domestic and international travel.

Our traveling lifestyle has helped us evolve and open our minds to experiencing what we truly enjoy and identify with. We have witnessed the difficulties many experiences while being a part of the LGBTQ+ community and the pressure that society places on us. We believe that these norms should be diminished, and everyone should be able to live in their truths. With these goals in mind, the birth of LuxeLiveLiberate came about.

LuxeLiveLiberate was created in 2017 when we both realized how impactful our travel had become to our audience. We wanted to create a brand to motivate and inspire others to travel the world while embracing culture. Our mission is for our audience to utilize travel as the foundation to learn to live freely and develop deeper connections with self and like-minded travelers.

Because of the stress society has placed on us, we have become more and more passionate about empowering others to live the life they want to live while creating unforgettable travel experiences.

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