❤️ Naaz Joshi is an LGBTQ and ALL Transgender ambassador. Joshi speaks on Indian society issues and gender discrimination and the effects it has ❤️


Name Naaz Joshi

Community Transgender

Location New Delhi, India

Pronouns NA

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I am Naaz Joshi, I am Indias first international trans beauty queen and the world’s first trans queen to win pageants with women. By far I have won 6 international crowns for India. The journey was not easy, whether it was before I became a celebrity or after I became a celebrity. Gender discrimination is one of the major issues not just in India but worldwide. It affects trans women with mental health issues, I myself have been on sleeping pills for the past 15 years.

Indian society doesn’t want to embrace us, they wish to find Femina in us. That means if a trans woman looks like a woman, they shall accept her. A lot of trans women are undergoing dangerous surgeries and hormone replacement therapy. I wish to tell the world that doesn’t get disheartened by the rejection. Stand and face them and become stronger.

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