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❤️ Rebecca Zinegyi-Theofanis aka Becky Love Tree touches base on health and wellness and how to overcome trauma ❤️


Name Rebecca Zinegyi

Community Heterosexual

Location Montreal, Quebec

Pronouns N/A

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Loosing my dad suddenly 8 years ago, was the most painful experience I have ever endured, but it started me on the path I am on today, and for that I am forever grateful. I decided then, that I would spend my life learning as much as I could about health and wellness so that I could help others be with their loved ones longer than I was with mine. This journey began with me becoming a Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher, and Nutrition Specialist, and what those experiences taught me was that movement and nutrition were only one fraction of health and wellness. So I dove deeper and became a Reiki Practitioner, Massage therapist, and Inner Child Healing Coach.
Acknowledging the traumas we faced in childhood, to me, is the KEY to not only releasing the pain stored in our bodies that manifest into anxiety, stress, depression, etc. But is actually the way we unlock our highest potential.
We are all here on purpose and have unique gifts the world absolutely needs.
No matter what you were told when you were younger about yourself, I promise you it does not have to define your reality.
You get to choose how you exist within this world, and learning how to heal childhood traumas that created triggers that blocked you from accessing and living within your highest vibration, is how I help those I work with.
Yes, this is something we have to invest our time in, the change will not happen overnight. But I promise you, you are worth every second you invest in your health.
I love you, you are more than enough.

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