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BeWELL Psychotherapy, New York, NY


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171 Madison Avenue, New York, New York, 10016


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BeWELL Psychotherapy
New York, NY & Hoboken, NJ

At BeWELL Psychotherapy, your mental and emotional wellbeing is our priority. Our Integrative Psychotherapy offers individual, couples, and group therapy and a unique holistic health coaching program designed to support the individual’s overall health, mind, and body.

BeWELL Psychotherapy is an Out Of Network provider with all major insurance companies. As a courtesy, BeWELL will take care of all the billing for patients.


  • anxiety treatment and therapy
  • depression therapy and counseling
  • couples and marriage counseling
  • teens
  • culture, identity, and race
  • women’s issues
  • college transition
  • health and wellbeing
  • online therapy NYC


anxiety treatment and therapy
depression therapy and counseling
couples and marriage counseling
culture, identity, and race
women's issues
college transition
health and wellbeing
online therapy NYC

Payment Options:

Rate: Out of pocket rates range from $200-$245 per session. We offer a free virtual consultation to start.

Medical Professionals (to learn more about the medical professional click on image)

Cristina Maria Rojasfernandez

Cristina Maria Rojasfernandez

Cristina Maria Rojasfernandez

Cristina Maria She/They ; I/We is devoted to helping humans (beings/persons) live in full health, wellness and presence and believes in limitless possibilities. She works with each person at their pace – meeting them where they are/as they are – ‘walking’ together on the journey through Life. The client-therapist relationship is a partnership – mutually growing and supporting the client(s) in their wholeness. Utilizing a Strengths Perspective, clients are seen in their power, while at the core of the relationship, is their unique insight and understanding of them Self & the Collective.
At the center of Cristina Maria’s service is a Whole-istic healing approach integrated with an array of Healing Arts. Over the last decade, they have bridged 20 years of clinical social work experience with Spirit Medicine. They have vast knowledge of Herbal/PlantSpirit Medicine, Expanded States of Consciousness, Entheogens, Old Age Shamanic Traditions and Ascension Wisdoms.

Lauren D'Ambrosio

Lauren D'Ambrosio

Lauren D'Ambrosio

Lauren D’Ambrosio She/Her understands and honors the courage needed to take the first step towards change in your life. Navigating the human condition can often be immensely painful and this is why Lauren believes so strongly in compassionate and supportive therapeutic engagement. The beauty and growth in life that we are all seeking is often discovered amidst pain and discomfort. Lauren’s training and experience allows her to comprehend the human experience, which can include trauma, life stressors, and circumstances from the past and/or present that leave people feeling stuck and confused. Lauren works with individuals and couples on areas of focus such as: anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, life transitions, creativity, and relationship strengthening. Lauren will help you explore limiting beliefs, patterns and behaviors that are no longer serving you, and help you create new ways of living to enhance your current and future quality of life.

Gillian Lichter

Gillian Lichter

Gillian Lichter

Gillian Lichter She/Her believes the most important element of therapy is the client-therapist relationship, and so her approach is compassionate and collaborative. She seeks to provide a safe, supportive environment that fosters empowerment and self-acceptance. Throughout the therapy process, Gillian and her clients explore and gain insight into present and past experiences to better understand personal and interpersonal dynamics and recurring patterns of thinking and behaving. In a person-centered environment, she works with clients to set goals, identify barriers, and develop constructive coping strategies to manage internal and external stressors.
Gillian practices from a psychodynamic framework and may integrate mindfulness and other approaches depending on the needs of each client. She specializes in depression, anxiety, LGBTQ+ issues, trauma, family conflict, polyamory, career-related concerns, and substance use and sobriety. Gillian is a culturally competent therapist and especially enjoys working with people within the LGBTQ+ community and people in the entertainment industry, both for individual and couples work.

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