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BeWELL Psychotherapy, New York, NY

171 Madison Avenue , New York , New York , 10016 - Get Directions


Business Overview

BeWELL Psychotherapy
New York, NY & Hoboken, NJ

At BeWELL Psychotherapy, your mental and emotional wellbeing is our priority. Our Integrative Psychotherapy offers individual, couples, and group therapy and a unique holistic health coaching program designed to support the individual’s overall health, mind, and body.

BeWELL Psychotherapy is an Out Of Network provider with all major insurance companies. As a courtesy, BeWELL will take care of all the billing for patients.


  • anxiety treatment and therapy
  • depression therapy and counseling
  • couples and marriage counseling
  • teens
  • culture, identity, and race
  • women’s issues
  • college transition
  • health and wellbeing
  • online therapy NYC

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