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Centergy Behavioral Health

4646 Popular Ave, Suite 422 , Memphis , Tennessee , 38117 - Get Directions


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Elnora Peters is a Masters Level Clinical Mental Health therapist. As a holistic therapist, she specializes in the Mind, Body and Spirit connection in treating and diagnosing anxiety, depression, life transitions, grief and trauma. Elnora is also a consultant and trainer for small businesses. Elnora brings years of experience from the corporate and educational sectors where she has honed her leadership, business development and consulting skills. Elnora Peters has also provided services as Business consultant for MATI Jerusalem Business Development Center. MATI is an organization in Israel, aimed at strengthening and developing Jerusalem’s small business sector.

In addition to over 30 years of work experience, Elnora Peters has been at the forefront of training for individuals and corporations. She is an EAP (Employee Assistance Provider) trainer, providing corporate training for several businesses within the private sector. She has an extensive background in industries such as Cosmetology and Barbering, manufacturing and distribution, vocational and higher education institutions. Her educational background includes an honors graduate degree in Masters of Science of Counseling and Clinical Mental Health from Freed-Hardeman University. She also received a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Tennessee State University.

Her passion is helping others achieve their full potential in their personal and professional lives.

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