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Nicole Bulsara | ADHD CBT Coach

Nicole Bulsara is a highly experienced addiction, trauma, and special needs coach specializing in adolescents aged 11-19. She got her start in the industry working with children on the autism spectrum as a behavioral interventionist before branching out into her own practice to include adolescents with Attention Deficit Disorder and Process Addictions including food and gaming.

From here Nicole went on to receive her Master of Arts in Education and teach in the mainstream classroom. She eventually went on to study the neuroscience of addiction and trauma under the guidance of double board-certified Neuroscientist and Psychotherapist Dr. Reshie Joseph, MBBS, MSc, and has worked across a number of public and private rehabilitation centers in America and Asia.

Nicole is no stranger to the struggles her clients face, gaining connections and empathic insight through real-world understanding and compassionate perspective.

Telehealth Only in California and Bali.

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