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Transgender Issues in the Workplace

Organizations should include gender identity nondiscrimination policies in the workplace even before the court's order. This involves promoting and protecting all gender identity rights, and acceptance of trans workers.

Transgender Issues in the Workplace

Over the last decade, there has been a significant change in the way trans issues are treated. The corporate world has not been left behind regarding the change. However, a lot needs to be done to ensure that transgender issues in the workplace are handled with uttermost care.

For many people, work itself is stressful. Imagine having an added emotional weight of hiding the true you because it is against society’s traditions regarding gender identity. Imagine being rejected by your co-workers because you have come out as who you really are and your sexual orientation is known to them. Heartbreaking, right?

These issues are prevalent for most trans persons, who face discrimination, pressure, hostility, and stigma when managing their gender identities in social settings such as the workplace. Such issues can negatively impact the productivity of the victim leading to psychological problems or job loss.

Despite global awareness of the challenges transgender face, most employers are yet to create a conducive environment to accommodate trans staff. Maybe it’s due to a lack of knowledge about their challenges. In fact, some companies that support LGBTQ+ focus on LGB than TQ.

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Why We Should Address Transgender Issues in the Workplace?

It’s the right thing to do. No staff should be subjected to discrimination or stigma due to their gender identities. Everyone, including the trans employees, works hard to improve the productivity of the organization, hence they should be treated with respect.

Being a trans person does not make you lesser of an employee, nor does it decrease your productivity in your workplace.

Major Transgender Issues in the Workplace

Below are common issues that transgender face in the workplace: 

Bullying and Harassment

Bullying and harassment are among the issues transpeople experience in the workplace. While it’s the employer’s responsibility to ensure that there is no bullying of employees in their workplace, it’s advisable to have specific rules to protect trans employees from bullying or harassment. Stipulate on what could be considered to be harassment towards a trans person.

In case of bullying or harassment, ensure you address the situation immediately and take authoritative steps to avoid recurrence. Consider reassigning a trans person from a vulnerable position to ensure their safety during work if necessary.


Trans people should not be less favored because they are transitioning, they have transitioned, or are planning to transition. Discrimination should not occur due to spite.

You can protect your company against discrimination claims based on gender identity by learning more about their challenges and how to tackle them. Seek legal advice for transitioning employees and ensure you meet your obligations.

Your managers and other employees should also be educated on how to interact with other trans colleagues and terminology and actions that are or aren’t acceptable.

Procedures and Policies

Trans people frequently encounter an employment framework that is set without trans people in mind. Some policies and procedures, ways of working, and language in the documents are not trans-friendly. Learn how to make your workplace more LGBTQ+ friendly

Transgender Issues in the Workplace- How to Create a Worm Workplace for Trans People

To create a conducive environment and increase the productivity of both trans and on-trans, the employer should ensure the safety and cohesion between your employees. The cisgender people should try as much as possible to accommodate and ensure a conducive environment for their trans colleagues. The following are some of the ways to create a worm working place for trans:

Show Support

Coming out to loved ones is hard and challenging enough for most transgender. Some trans leave their families behind if they pose a threat to their life due to their gender.

Imagine how life would be after leaving home because of discrimination only to end-up facing discrimination daily at the workplace.

As an employee and co-workers, you should try to support trans people keeping in mind that they are trying to be who they really are. Do not criticize them for they are already going through a lot.

Do Not Discriminate Against Them

Discrimination against trans people is one of the major set-back they encounter after coming out. It takes a lot of courage for a trans to come out to their loved ones, what is it like to come out to your colleagues? It must take extra courage.

Show Them Love

Do not discriminate against transgender people due to their gender identity. All they need is love and acceptance. Besides, gender identity does not interfere with one’s working capacity in a friendly environment.

Ensure There is No Bullying or Harassment Against Transpeople

Bullying and harassment can interfere with one’s working capacity, which can lead to job loss. To ensure your company works to its full potential, you need everyone working at their best. The bottom line is, employee productivity should not be affected negatively due to their gender identity.

Be There for a Transitioning Trans

A transitioning trans needs a shoulder to lean on during this difficult period. They are changing almost everything from their name, dress code, hairstyle, to new pronouns.

As an employer or workmate, being there means having a friend who does not judge them. Listen to them and try to educate fellow workmates to treat them normally and use preferred names and pronouns.

Ensure Equal Opportunities

Whether someone is trans or cisgender, they should have equal opportunities at work. For instance, when making promotions, ensure that you base them on merit regardless of one’s gender. However, you should not favor trans people more than their cisgender colleagues to avoid any kind of ill motives between them.

Transgender Issues in the Workplace – Final Thoughts

Organizations should include gender identity nondiscrimination policies in the workplace even before the court’s order. This involves promoting and protecting all gender identity rights, and acceptance of trans workers. Policies that support trans employees positively impact their openness about their identity and reduces chances of discrimination.

Additionally, running a transgender-friendly company and having some as employees indicate that your company is accommodative regardless of one’s gender identity. With this, you create a positive impact on your clients that can lead to the creation of more deals.

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