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What Is Sexual Tension? What You Need to Know

Sexual tension

What Is Sexual Tension? What You Need to Know

Sexual tension occurs when people have sexual attraction toward each other without engaging in the act of sex. The involved individuals may or may never have sex together due to their circumstances. It can happen with a stranger, a friend, a co-worker, or your best friend’s spouse. Regardless of the case, it’s essential to understand that sexual tension is normal. Everyone has experienced it at a certain point in their life.

Sexual tension is characterized by being attracted to people with who you may not share sexual acts. It is more than just a crush and can cause people to feel uncomfortable when around each other. With that in mind, how do you determine whether you have sexual tension towards someone? In this article, we point out some key signs that may indicate that you may be experiencing sexual tension and what you should know about the whole topic.

Signs of Sexual Tension

Eye Contact

Do you find yourself in a situation whereby you and a specific person cannot help but glance at each other in a manner that no one can explain? That’s the most common type of nonverbal flirting. If you find yourselves glancing at each other in a flirty way, you are both having sexual tension. Eye contact may be the beginning of something serious. If none of you is taken, try if something more than sexual tension should be persuaded.

Daydreaming is one of the Signs of Sexual Tension

When you fancy someone, it’s nearly impossible not to think about them. Your concentration may seem to go down, and nothing else occupies your mind besides them. In some cases, you may find yourself smiling whenever you think about them. This is a clear indication that you may be wishing if only you could give romance a chance.

You Get Butterflies

No matter how you try, that specific person makes you feel heavenly. In their presence, your heart skips a bit and suddenly beats faster. The feeling is unexplainable! It feels like there are some butterflies in your stomach whenever they are around you.

Feeling Awkward Around Each Other

Each time you are around each other, you feel restless, especially when you two are alone. This may be because you do not know whether to let your emotions control you or not. One voice keeps telling you to give in, while the other is whispering that that relationship is forbidden. In some cases, you may want to keep walking in their presence so that they can watch you or make a funny joke to make them smile. All in all, you do not know what to do in their presence.

Leaning Close To Each Other

You keep leaning towards them in a class discussion group or explaining something in a meeting. A mere contact between your bodies makes you feel warm. The sound of their heartbeat makes you melt from the inside. For you, it’s worth finding an excuse to ensure that your bodies come into contact.

Any Physical Contact Is Heavenly

Whether a handshake or a hug, the feeling is heavenly. Whenever they touch you, your body temperature rises. There is no doubt that you have feelings for them.

Other People Notice

You might think that your flirtation is a secret, but people always notice when there is some sexual tension between people. If some of your friends ask questions concerning you and a particular person, your sexual tension is evident.

You Laugh More

You find everything they say funny and laughable. In their presence, you cannot help but laugh about whatever they say, whether funny or not. It may be because of nervousness or because they generally make you happy.

Your Voice Changes When They Are Around

It’s normal for your voice to change whenever you are around someone you have sexual tension with. Whether talking about something funny or boring, you will find that your voice takes on a different tone.

Is Sexual Tension Healthy?

Sexual tension is healthy when experienced by potential lovers. This tension creates a room to flirt, seduce, and prepare yourself to start a sexual relationship with someone equally attracted to you. Sexual tension builds room for curiosity while studying your potential partner. However, it becomes unhealthy when directed towards a forbidden person. For example, when you have sexual tension towards someone’s spouse, family member, minor, or someone who cannot act on it, then it becomes unhealthy. Since you cannot direct your heart regarding love matters, developing sexual feelings towards someone who cannot reciprocate can only break your heart. This may lead to stress and abuse of alcohol.

When sexual tension is weaponized, it becomes unhealthy. When you flirt with someone to make your partner jealous, you create room for animosity between the involved parties. You might be doing this intentionally while the person you are flirting with is seriously in love with you. Break of trust, loss of job, and friendship may be among the consequences you’ll pay for it.

Ways to Control Your Sexual Urges

What to Do if You Experience Sexual Tension

In every situation, communication is the key. Sexual tension should be addressed by talking about them. Express your intention through conversation to understand whether there can be a serious thing out of it or it’s just a passing crush. When it happens between people who are not taken, meaning that they are free to start or develop a sexual relationship, they can try and see if it can work. However, if it happens between people who cannot be in a sexual relationship, the best thing is to put some boundaries to avoid negative consequences.

If you cannot start a conversation about your sexual tension and want to keep things as light as possible and flirty, check if they are reciprocating. If they are, then you should know that they like you too. If they ignore you, it’s best if you move your mind somewhere else and keep the relationship as friendly as possible.

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