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❤️ LGBTQ and ALL ambassador Vincent-Natasha Gay is a transhuman genderfluid photographer and model. NV Gay touches base on the struggles of coming out as genderfluid in 2018 ❤️


Name Vincent-Natasha Gay

Community Gay

Location Columbus, Ohio

Pronouns they/them/theirs

Let's Contact

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My name is Vincent-Natasha Gay (NV for short), and I am a transhuman genderfluid photographer and model. My pronouns are they/them/theirs, and I live in Columbus, Ohio.
I came out in 2018 to my wonderful wife and have lived authentically since then. I own and operate a photography business named Mx. Gay Photography, where I use my art to empower beautiful creativity and bring visibility and awareness to marginalized communities.
My chosen family comprises my beautiful wife, three fur babies (1 cat and two dogs), my chosen mother (the_crossdressers_wife), and a fantastic group of friends.
I am a down-to-earth, friendly human who loves to talk, listen, and get to know people from all walks of life. My DM’s are always open to chat.

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