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❤️ Jordan Daniels is an LGBTQ and ALL ambassador. He/Him/His mental health journey guided him towards a pillar of radical self-love, empathy, and radiance. ❤️


Name Jordan Daniels

Community Queer AfroJew

Location San Diego, California

Pronouns he/him/his

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Jordan Daniels (He/Him/His) celebrates Fat liberation and acceptance on a daily basis. With Black, Jewish, and Queer identities interacting with his identity as Fat, Jordan strives to navigate life with empathy, perspective, and joy. While the work isn’t easy, Jordan’s mental health journey has guided him toward a pillar of radical self-love, empathy, and radiance. This is why Jordan is a fierce advocate for mental health work today!

Born and raised in the Bay Area, Jordan’s viewpoint on diversity intersects with his celebration of all bodies. Growing up around all different kinds of bodies has helped Jordan celebrate his own, as well as his mixed-identity. When he moved to San Diego at 18 with her family, he noticed a dramatic culture shift. Jordan sought out therapy to help him adjust to a predominantly White and military area, navigating body image, and understand his queerness more. From 18 to 20, those were Jordan’s focuses in therapy as he prepared to move to Long Beach for university. After graduating in 2017, Jordan had planned to stay in LB and pursue work in fashion and PR, but after his father’s passing in 2018, Jordan moved back to San Diego to recenter and be with his mom.

Upon arriving back in San Diego, Jordan took stock of what mattered and realized he wanted to work in a space that helped others and celebrated his identities. Quickly he found a job at a Jewish organization where he gets to wield his identities to support the region and is working toward creating belonging for all folx in San Diego. He also reconnected with his therapist, who is also Queer, for support in this new phase of life. Through therapy, Jordan is processing loss and hurt, navigating identities in the professional world, and gaining tools for holding anxiety with joy to thrive.

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