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Express Your Path

1110 SE Alder St , Portland , Oregon , 97214 - Get Directions


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Lisa Headings, Registered Associate Therapist and Expressive Arts Facilitator.

Hi, My name is Lisa Headings, she/her/hers. 

I have been where you are today and I know what it’s like to let your thoughts and insecurities hold you back. I help people just like you connect with their emotions and expand their way of communicating with the world.

Express Your Path uses an eclectic approach that incorporates both trauma-informed expressive arts therapy and person-centered expressive arts therapy approaches, I help adults like you use creativity to draw out their stories with confidence. Through the transformative power of movement, visual art, sound, creative writing, and imagination, my clients have the opportunity to shine. When therapy works, you feel more self-assured in your vision of yourself and your goals. You are able to love yourself, ask for what you need, and set boundaries without feeling guilty.

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