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Reviving Roots Therapy & Wellness

3208 Hennepin Ave S , Minneapolis , Minnesota , 55408 - Get Directions

Business Overview

At Reviving Roots, our mission is to create a Black-centered, Black serving, Black affirming communal space, conjuring a legacy of health, wealth, and healing.

Marlee James, LPCC


This level of openness is extremely healing! It allows us to work better, love better, earn better, care better, play better!

People in marginalized communities NEED that! We need to thrive instead of just survive. That is why I take my work as a healer very seriously. Therapy is my activism. The more we can grow, the more we can help our communities grow and break these systems of oppression we have so long been harmed by.

The first step to that change is taking a step to explore your full and authentic self in a safe and non-judgmental space. I hope to work with you to create that space for growth and healing.

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