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10 Amazing Queer Sex Toys for an Adventurous Sex Life

Ideal queer sex toys to spice up your sex life. Vibrators, anal balls, handcuffs, latex mask, stitch gag.

10 Amazing Queer Sex Toys for an Adventurous Sex Life

For many queer individuals or couples, bringing sex toys into the bedroom can amplify pleasure. With the right sex toy, you can feel sexier and explore more dimensions of your sexuality. Even with all the innovations in the sex industry, it can be difficult for queer folks to navigate through all the toys. Exclusionary language or heteronormative imagery dominates sex toy shopping and can be intimidating for many LGBTQ+ folks.

The following sex toys are ideal for queer individuals, couples, or other types of relationships.

Top Queer Sex Toys


1) The Magic Wand

Ideal for: all genders

The Magic Wand continues to be a tried and true choice for people of all genders and bodies. What makes this device so popular are its powerful vibrations. Some models have wireless capabilities, which is also a bonus. Be sure to purchase your Magic Wand from a reputable sex shop, as some knock-offs do not live up to the hype.

When buying the rechargeable version, you get four different speeds and patterns. Plus, if it dies in the middle of your fun, you can plug it in and keep using it.

There are many options for using the Magic Wand. You can try it on a vulva, clitoris, perineum, even nipples, or the penis shaft. If you are looking to shell out some cash on a vibrator, the Magic Wand is one of the best choices.

2) Bullet Toys

Ideal for: all genders

Bullet toys or lipstick vibrators are ideal for solo or partnered play. Find one that is longer in size so that you can easily grip it. For partnered play, place it between you and your partner’s bodies while you’re having sex. You can also slide it into a vibrator pocket with a harness for added pleasure. Many of these toys are rechargeable or waterproof, which also adds to their convenience.

3) Clitoral Stimulators

Ideal for: anyone with a clit

Many people with clits struggle to get off with just penetration. When you are having sex, an awkward toy can disrupt the experience. Clitoral stimulators are an excellent choice because they fit better under your labia because of the flexible wings. That way, you don’t have to use your hands for clitoral stimulation during penetration.

4) BuckOff FTM Stroker

Ideal for: trans men

If you want a product exclusively for trans men, the BuckOff FTM Stroker is a fantastic product. It was developed by trans adult film star, Buck Angel, to be used as a stroker. This toy is ideal for trans men taking testosterone who have noticed some growth. The BuckOff provides a penetrating sensation for the phallus instead of clitoral products.

5) Butt plugs

Ideal for: anyone who enjoys anal play

Butt plugs are placed in your butt as a way to bring pleasure. Many queer people use them for penetrative anal-sex preparation or fingers or strap-ons. If you are new to butt plugs, two of the major rules of thumb include using plenty of lube and starting with the smallest size available.

6) Vibrating nipple clamps

Ideal for: all genders

Many people of all genders have heightened sensations in their nipples. A surge of hormones is what creates this sensation. Nipple clamps can be incredibly stimulating for cis women or trans women, and the added vibration increases the intensity. Vibrating nipple clamps make nipple play more fun and pleasurable.

7) Strap-on Harnesses

Ideal for: All genders

Strap-on harnesses are an adventurous product for the bedroom. People of all genders can use them for pegging or during sex between people with vaginas. Look for an adjustable harness so that it is comfortable to wear and simple to use. Some of these harnesses already come with a dildo that you can use with it or on its own.

8) RodeoH Toys

Ideal for: all genders

RodeoH is an LGBTQ+ inclusive toy brand. They make high-quality toys that have various purposes for people of varying genders. They have harnesses, dildos, vibrators, pegging/plugs, accessories, and more for the queer community.

9) Oral Sex Toys

Ideal for: lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, or queer people with vulvas

Oral sex toys can be fun to use with a partner. Since they have soothing sonic waves, they will stimulate your clit and other internal parts, creating a sensual buildup. These toys feel different than other orgasms since they do not touch the clit itself. If you are looking to have multiple orgasms, oral sex toys can make them happen in the same session. You can do so because they don’t contact the clit directly, so you don’t get as sore.

10) Glass Dildos

Ideal for: people with vaginas

Glass dildos are a fun addition to partnered sex for people with vaginas. To use one, a person can take the lubed-up dildo and slowly insert it in and out of their partner’s vagina. Since most glass dildos have beads, they add extra sensation when being inserted this way. Another reason this product is enjoyed is that since it is see-through, you can see what’s going on the whole time. That can be an extremely hot experience for many.


Finding the Right Sex Toy for Your Needs

If you feel overwhelmed about choosing sex toys, these products should give you an excellent start to incorporating them into the bedroom. Sex toys can help make your sex life more creative, help you figure out what you like, and bring connection with a partner(s). By exploring more adventurous territory, you can discover more erotic satisfaction in your sex life.

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