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❤️ LGBTQ and ALL ambassador Claudia Baillargeon is a figure skating athlete who struggled with an eating disorder due to body image, self-love, self-worth, and confidence. ❤️


Name Claudia Baillargeon

Community Heterosexual

Location Montreal, Qc

Pronouns she/her

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Hi everyone!

I have always been involved in the health and fitness industry. I was a figure skating athlete my whole life, and I studied and learned a lot within that industry; kinesiology, nutrition, mindset, personal development, sleep, Reiki, etc. I have been coaching and helping people who have a variety of backgrounds and goals for over 15 years.

My story with mental health is tied to the eating disorders that I went through in my early twenties. I struggled with body image, self-love, self-worth, confidence, and projecting a lot of my judgment on other people. I was ashamed of the restrictive/bingeing cycle I was stuck in with my nutrition habits and hating my body. It was only through deep inner work and healing that I could find balance and develop a healthier relationship with my body – which led to a more beneficial relationship with food.

This journey will always be part of my story, and I am grateful for all the lessons learned and the personal work that came with it. It has made me a better coach and improved how I help my clients.

I now see HEALTH as a holistic approach where all of our small daily habits add up and create this compound effect that will dictate how we feel every day, mentally and physically. I truly believe that we have to take care of ALL our bodies – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual – to live a happy, fulfilled life, true to who we are.

I love giving back to the kid’s cause in different ways, traveling, spending time in nature, and having soul-fuelling conversations. Grateful to be on this platform and contribute to a healthier world!

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