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❤️ LGBTQ and ALL ambassador Gabrielle Inés speaks on growing up in St. Louis Missouri in a single-parent religious home and the challenge with expressing her identity, attraction, and being her true self. Inés touches base on how she transitioned late into adulthood and why ❤️


Name Gabrielle Inés

Community Transgender

Location St. Louis Missouri

Pronouns she/her/hers

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Gabrielle Inés draws from her life story when writing and sharing about the experiences of Black Trans Women.

Her most recent dive into activism, community work, local politics, and being a fearless voice for her community began with her touching video regarding the violence against Black Trans Women and the lack of support received from the very LQBTQIA+ community she belongs to. From that, she’s been published in magazines, spoken on national platforms, as well serves on a plethora of boards that share her same drive and vision. Gabrielle also spends her time offering diversity, equity, and inclusion education to brands and businesses, with a focus on not only the Trans experience but the Black Trans feminine experience.

Her compassion, humanity, and love for philanthropy come after 9 years of working in healthcare. Now, she finds herself compelled to put that very same devotion and effort back into her community. She currently utilizes her voice to bring awareness to the violence and hardships of Black Trans Women like herself, in hopes to change the stigma, the harmful narratives, as well as putting an end to the violence against Trans and NB individuals.

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